March 2018

Workshop – InterSpace

The Creative Maze (An Open Lab Workshop)
Δημιουργικός λαβύρινθος (Ανοιχτό Εργαστήρι)
Tuesday, 13th of March 2018, 10:00-13:00, Dancehouse Lefkosia
Participation in the workshop: free of charge

The creative maze is a workshop based on collaborating in a variety of medium. Music, drawing, movement and film stations are all included.
Join the maze trail and see what you discover along the way!
All creative people are welcome.
We want to encourage you to work with unfamiliar objects in the funnest ways. The stations of the maze will fuse and manifest into collaborative works of art.


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February 2018

 Workshop Assistant


Dance Gate Lefkosia Cyprus

“Promoting Site- Specific Work in Nicosia using as SITE the area in and around the DanceHouse Lefkosia and the history of the building, situated on the banks of Pediaios River. Here the building also acts as part of the dividing line in Nicosia.”

“A two-month course on Site Specific Work ( Inter disciplinary approach ) involving methodologies of working with the body and creative movement, writing and installation, leading to Site Specific Performances on the 1st of APRIL 2018 at the Dancehouse Lefkosia at 11 am. – 2 pm.”

January 2018


‘Dance Movement & Awareness’ Classes

At Mint Yoga.Pilates Studio

Ballet, Jazz, Choreography Classes

At Cyprus Performing Arts Center

Creative Movement Outreach Classes

At The Giving Tree Nursery School